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Hi, my name is Shmuel Matityahu.

I've been collecting cacti and succulents since 1975.
In my collection about 3000 different sp. For the last 10 years i'm the chairman of the Israeli cactus and succulents society.

I mostly grow my plants from seeds which I graft at the age of 1 month. I usually graft on Myrthylocactus geometrizans.

I have a great collection of:
Lithops, Haworthia, Euphorbia, Astrophytum, Uebelmannia, Ariocarpus, Caudex.

I hope you'll enjoy the Web. All pictures were taken by me with my Sony F828 and Sony MVC-CD 500, in my collection accept at Woody's collection in Little rock CA.

I want to thank Woody for letting me take these pictures in his delightful collection.